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Tips to Buy Fresh Meat from the Market

Buying all your groceries for the whole month or a week is very important because then you won’t have to go in and out of a shopping mall to buy when you need something urgently. But buying fresh meat from the market is quite difficult because it is pretty much hard to tell if the quality is good or not. Even though there are some sources to buy fresh meat like beef, pork, bacon, turkey, chicken but the most common places for one to buy these items are at a supermarket or from a butcher.

So, how to recognize and buy fresh meat? Here are the simple tips for you to know the freshness of the meat…

Quality- The quality is obviously the best feature of the meat, you cannot prepare a good meal preparation without a good quality piece of meat. The lean meat piece should be without any bruises, blood clots and blood discoloration. You must avoid dark surface, this may be due to dehydration or aging. If you are buying packed meat than look for the USDA grade certification on the level, it is the best way to tell if the meat is truly good or not.

Odor and Color- The color can be different and vary from one type of meat to another. Fresh meat would always have rich and vibrant color, for example, when you are buying red meat make sure that the hue of it is red and not brownish. But if the meat is in the vacuum package, it can be a little brownish but you can count on it to be good enough to buy. The brownish color is a sign of it losing its quality and freshness. And also when it comes to the odor you can also tell a difference, even though, there won’t be much to tell.

Packages- If you are buying packaged meat, make sure that the package is secured and sealed properly. If not, the piece of meat can be compromised by its quality. A vacuum sealed package is ore ideal when it comes to buying good quality meat from a market

Butcher- If you are buying meat from a butcher, do not be shy to ask for custom butchering. You can also ask them to give you farm fresh meat so that you can have the best quality.


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