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4 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Meat

Food is the main thing that gives us the energy to keep on going throughout the day and it is very important to have all kind of nutrients in your daily meal to have a proper and healthy life. Meat is a great source of all the vital nutrients like protein, iron, calcium, etc. But there are also many people who despise eating meat and prefer vegetables as their source of energy. But for those who cannot live only on vegetables, it is important to select good quality meat on their diet.

To know which meat piece is good for you and isn’t, you will need to know about some of the facts of selecting quality meat from. Here are the tips about how to buy fresh meat

  • A good quality food item doesn’t matter if it’s meat or veggies will always have the right color to say dictate if it’s fresh or not. Fresh meat always has the right color that can clearly state their condition. For example, when it comes to red meat it will have a bright red color, without any blood clots and bruises. But if the meat you are buying is vacuum packed then the color may appear slightly brown and it is good because it will be fresh for a longer time in the fridge.
  • When you are buying fresh meat you will need to check out for the odor. Even though poultry meat is generally odor free but it can also have a slight odor. The smell of red meat is specific to the type and there should not be any different off smell from the natural odor. So, make sure to keep your nose sharp while purchasing meat.
  • The texture says a lot about the quality of the meat also. Make sure that the meat you are purchasing is not slimy, the meat piece should appear translucent and watery when you are cutting it and when it comes to red meat to should not fall off easily. Just look at the fat in the mat if it’s yellow then it is not a fresh product.

If you are buying a packaged meat than it is obvious to see for any leakage or damage on the packet. The vacuum packed meat should absolutely not have any leak on the side otherwise there is a good chance of the meat losing its quality.

In my opinion grass fed meat are the best to go for because it gives a rich taste and aroma while you’ll cook. But no matter what you are getting make sure that it is not refrigerate for too long and it’s fresh.


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